St. Paul Legion Branch #100
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Honor and Awards Night

Honour & Awards Night

On Saturday November 26,2016 the Legion will be hosting a dinner and honouring milestones that members have achieved.

This will take place at the Legion facilities here in St. Paul.

Life Time Membership

Ray Reirson   70 years
John Yakimec   30 years


Ordinary Membership

Jerry Weselowski   40 years
Hector Drolet   10 years
Ronald Fraess   10 years
Les Isley   5 years


Associate Membership

Joanne Zazulak   40 years
Henry Gaus   40 years
Nestor Shapka   35 years
Richard Olson   35 years
Amil Shapka   35 years
Julie Hovelkamp   35 years
J  Doyle   25 years
Duane Fleming   15 years
Frankie Smith   10 years
Estelle Chapdelaine   10 years
Anita Carson   10 years
Brian Lacombe   5 years


Affiliate Voting

Victor Tessier   10 years
Gerald Robertson   5 years
Bernice Sedor   5 years


New Members

 Chrisotpher Kotroba

Todd Elliot

Steven Spacil

Marc Audette

Lori Drolet

Kevin Hoolahan

Shelly Poitras

Edward Poitras

Christian Dubois

Laurent Dubois

Rod Shapka

William Dunham

Bernice Zapisocki

Harry Zapisocki

Jeff Hunter

Amanda Hunter

Robert Hunter

Mark Forsyth

Maurice Mahe

2017 list we'll up next week and date of our  awards night  










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